How to Find Parts

This guide will show you the 3 most common ways to find the part you're looking for.

This is the recommended method for finding the replacement part you are looking for. Each part has its own unique part number assigned to it by the manufacturer. Once you know this number, it becomes really easy to find the replacement. This short guide will show you where to look.

Overhead view of a replacement control board

Above is a picture of a control board we want to replace. The first thing we want to do is identify any stickers that may be on the board. The majority of parts have a barcode identification sticker that contains the part numbers. Our board has 2 stickers. Lets have a closer look.

Highlighted view of a tv part sticker showing the part number

Here we can see 2 part numbers that are of interest to us. The first is BN97-10573A, and BN94-10528A. By entering either of these numbers into the search at, we can locate the exact replacement board we are looking for. Easy as that!

It's important to note; however, that not all part numbers will begin with BN or even be found on stickers, this is dependent on the manufacturer of the board. Some part numbers may appear on the board itself in print. Have a look at the examples below to give you an idea of some part numbers by manufacturers.

  • Samsung - BN97-00964A , BN96-19471A , LJ94-02172A 
  • Sony -  1-895-676-11 , LJ94-02532D 
  • LG - EAX55357705 , EAY60869001 , 6871QCH977B 
    Toshiba - 75016415 , PK101V3L20I , LJ94-02306G