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EH Service began as a small TV repair business in the charming city of St.Thomas Ontario. We serviced the city and surrounding areas for TV repairs and  became the preferred service company for our city. As electronic technicians ourselves, we quickly realized how inefficient it was to order replacement TV parts for our customers. Ordering parts from manufacturers often meant that our customers were waiting too long for their TV repairs. We decided to change that, so EH Service created its own internal inventory of replacement parts, allowing us to have parts on-hand so customers had their repair services finished in hours - not days. Our part inventory expanded and grew so large that in 2010 EH Parts, a sister-company of EH Service, was created. EHParts.com gave us the opportunity to provide other repair businesses with the ability to quickly order the replacement parts they need and have them in their hands at reduced costs and processing times. We've been growing ever since! EHParts.com is now the preferred part distributor to thousands of repair shops all over North America and even internationally. Our team still consists of our original electronic technicians who help to provide technical support and advice to our customers world-wide. We strive to continue to deliver quality replacement TV parts at reduced prices.   


Our mission is simple. We want to ensure all of our customers have the best possible experience when ordering with EHParts.com. We work everyday to make our mission complete. We hear the feedback from our customers and adapt our business accordingly to always deliver on our mission - to make you happy.

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